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Most people do not feel as if they are under the influence even after having a couple of drinks. However, there is still a very high possibility that you could get arrested on the mere suspicion that you were Most of the time, drunken driving suspects will be given a choice to choose between a breath analyzer and a blood test. There are also some states that offer the choice of a urine test as well. When this happens, most people go for the breath analyzer, which dooms any chance of coming out successful. Below are some tips and considerations about what kind of test to take when you are stopped for drunk driving.

In the first place, if you are a smoker, it is best you just avoid the breathalyzer altogether. This is because there are traces of acetaldehyde found in the lungs and it is more in smokers than non-smokers. This is also the by-product produced by the liver once a person indulges in alcohol. For this reason, all the breathalyzer devices are bound to find any smoker as a drunken driver.

In case you are a diabetes patient, avoiding the Breathalyzer wild also is a splendid idea for you as well. This is because patients with diabetes have higher possibilities of low blood sugar levels and are also more likely to experience ketoacidosis, which goes to the result of acetone. Acetone is similar to acetaldehyde in the fact that it will be detected as alcohol by any breath analyzing the device. For diabetes patients, its gets even worse than that because some of the diabetes symptoms are blurred vision, slurred speech, lack of coordination, which will all go to the conclusion that you were driving while drunk.

If you are also a suspect of drunk driving and happen to be dieting, you should also avoid the breath analyzer device. This is more so if you are dieting from carbohydrates or if you had not eaten anything for a while because if you are low on carbs, you could also be detected for drunk driving for the same reasons as point number two.

If you had burped or belched before taking the breath analyzer, it would be best for you to opt for the blood test because when you do either of both after the consumption of a little amount of alcohol, traces of that alcohol will remain in the throat for about 20 minutes. This will raise your chances of yielding a positive result with the breath analyzer test, This law machine multiplies the effect about 2100 times, and you will stand no chance even though you has had microscopic to drink.