SRED is an abbreviation for Scientific research and Experimental Development Tax Incentive Program that provides support in form of either tax, credits, or refunds for the people and agencies that conduct scientific research or any experimental development in Canada. The support is mainly provided to corporations, partnerships, or individuals. This program is a government program that makes Canada an economically competitive and technologically advanced nation through the research and development program (R&D). SR&ED is not a grant; it is money that all are entitled to through the Income Tax act. 

The SR&ED tax is money meant to help both medium and start-up films as well as other businesses to conduct research and development. The money from SR&ED helps the beneficiaries to provide new and improved technologically advanced products through the government support program.  

The government incentives through SR&ED reduce with the growth of a business. Support for larger businesses that have innovations spread out to the global market place continues. For the smaller firms, the maximum benefit the firm can receive is fixed. The maximum benefit is not proportional to the size of the firm.

The expenditures for SR&ED are deducted from the expenses of a business. These SR&ED expenditures also qualify for investments as tax credits through reductions through either payable income taxes or cash refunds. Some activities however do not qualify to be in the SR&ED programs. Activities such as marketing and sales, research in either humanities and social sciences are often tested for scientific and technological eligibility before being executed. 

Investments in the Tax credit depends on the legal status of a given firm and also the amount of all the qualified expenditures carried out for the SR&ED in Canada. All the provinces allow for territorial tax credits whose rates vary according to the province’s laws. Some provinces, however, offer alternative investment programs in addition to the set SR&ED. 

At the point of a claim, The Canada Revenue Agency allows for all the SR&ED claimants to submit their claims within 18 months after the end of a fiscal year. All claimants and taxpayers are encouraged to submit their claims together with their annual fillings within six months in order to generate a CRA report faster. Any claims with incomplete claim details could take longer times to process. Any SR&ED claim is accessed by the CRA for technical and financial issues and to ascertains its eligibility. 

For a firm to make a successful claim on any expenditures, assessments on both scientific and technological eligibility ought to be performed. All the searches carried out must be used to generate information that helps in advancing your understanding of all the underlying technologies used. All these works are used to increase the technology base of a project for any given firm.