Micro dosing magic mushrooms

Micro dosing is the taking of a small dose of mostly hallucinogenic drugs that would neither interfere with one’s consciousness nor intoxicate them. Magic mushrooms commonly known as psilocybin mushrooms are among the most common substances that people use to micro dose. Other substances that people may use are such as: nicotine, Ritalin, ketamine, cannabis and others. However, there has not been much of concrete evidence concerning the effects of micro dosing magic mushrooms as studies mostly rely on surveys done. These surveys have mostly been done on people already engaging in micro dosing as well as those who have shown interest in the practice. Most of these surveys give a positive outcome, though considering the fact that most information is garnered from people anticipating for positive results, they could be biased.  

Benefits of micro dosing psilocybin mushrooms 

Most reports show that mushrooms that are organic could enhance one’s performance as well as creativity. Though there is a likelihood that it could all just be a placebo effect as the results are not completely certain. 

Lots of studies also show a positive effect with regards to mental health. This is seen as most self-reporting sources give a feedback of there being a reduction on anxiety, depression and even stress levels. 

It has also been of much benefit to people who consider themselves as having a “short concentration span” as it has helps them regain temporary focus and make them more effective in their duties. 

One other benefit of micro dosing psilocybin mushrooms is that it has helped in curbing addiction to drugs. Some individuals who have previously been addicts say that after micro dosing, their urge for smoking or even drinking alcohol reduced. Stating that they no longer feel the necessity to quench their addictions after micro dosing. 

Research is still being conducted to prove this possibility as it would be really promising for the rehabilitation sector. 

The downsides to micro dosing magic mushrooms 

Just like many other medications or just simple drug use, micro dosing could also bring about side effects that are not always so pleasing. 

Studies have shown that people with psychotic disorders such as Schizophrenia and many others could have a negative response to micro dosing. This is because it could result to an over stimulation and thus further worsen their state. 

There are individuals who have reported to have experienced headaches, insomnia and even gastrointestinal issues after micro dosing. 

One other downside to micro dosing using magic mushrooms is also the fact that these psilocybin mushrooms have not been legalized in many areas. It would thus be a criminal offence to have the plant for either personal use or distribution to others. Most people thus have to deal with the black market so as to make purchases which would most certainly be expensive and risky. 

Other individuals have also had to deal with social stigma as drug use has always had negative stereotyping in most societies. Not forgetting the difficulty when it comes to having the right dosage as well as ascertaining purity of the products. 

The greatest fear of all being the fear of the unknown as not enough research has been done on micro dosing and there is therefore no telling of what its long term effect could be. 


All in all, micro dosing mushrooms do seem to help solve lots of challenges our current age of individuals is facing. Considering that the negative effects is mostly due to the fact that it is not legalized as well as the shallow research carried out, more could be done so as to better the use of it. We may not be in a position to tell as of the moment, but micro dosing could be one of the remedies this age needs shrooms Canada.