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On record, humans have been smoking weed for the past 5,000 years. An increase in weed consumption has amplified calls to legalize it. Many progressive regions have done it, and many more are on the way to doing the same. Smoking is considered to be the quickest way to partake in weed as it is absorbed into the blood system in a record 5 minutes 

Effects of smoking weed 

 On the lungs 

 Research has shown that smoking weed has 4 times the amount of tar deposits in the lungs. This is partly due to the method of smoking used frequently. Some reports show a direct link between smoking marijuana and an increased risk of lung cancer. Research on this is quite difficult to come to a conclusive end as it is still illegal in many states which makes donors shy away from funding much- research. Another reason for inconclusive research is the inaccuracy of the samples i.e. many weed smokers use other hard drugs as well such as cigarettes. It can be quite a challenge to know which of these exactly causes the lung cancer 

 On the mouth 

Evidence of poor dental hygiene has been linked to smoking weed. .It is difficult to isolate the exact cause of poor dental health as most are multiple drug users. .Constant smoking causes the mouth to dry up and form cracks all through 

Testicular Cancer 

Some research shows that the combination of THC and CBD compounds to select cells around the testes may lead to tumor. tumorss proved to also decrease sperm count causing many infertility issues 

On Pregnancy 

Pregnancy and the use of marijuana or any other drug have been discouraged. This may cause some strain on the development of the baby that may be long-lasting in the child’s future life. Some of the risks include having an underweight and unhealthy baby 

On the brain 

Weed tampers with the brain and creates an illusion of wrong happening. This lack of attention and concentration may hinder a range of other issues such as driving skills 

Factors that influence your body’s response to smoking weed 

Previous use of the drug creates a higher tolerance for the drug. To get that instant high, many new users opt to overdose. This is very risky and may cause serious side effects 

Amount of THC in the weed. When weed first started being used both for medicine and leisure it was used in very small amounts. The years went by, the population slowly increased the amounts used to get that high 

In what circumstances have the wed been taken? Did you take it together with another drug or alcohol?  

Genetic composition of the user i.e. Men metabolizes the THC quicker than women. 


These are simply marijuana bites consumed by eating rather than smoking. Edibles take a longer time to sit in and achieve the desired effect. Many people consider it a safe way of consuming weed 

Benefits of edibles 

Management of pain associated with diseases especially chronic diseases such as cancer 

Treatment of muscles  

Management and treatment of epilepsy  

Calming effect 

Side effects 

The effects are long-lasting compared to smoking. Most side effects are always because of an overdose 

 Psychosis. A user may be detached from the reality of his or her surroundings. Some may talk to themselves or get delusional during their high 

 Paranoia. One may start feeling targeted by his loved ones who mean no harm. In extreme cases, it may lead to extreme mental illnesses that require medication 

 Hallucinations. One may get the wrong communication from his senses. You may hear voices of people fighting when in reality everyone is silent 

 Panic Attacks. This is due to other side effects associated with weed e.g. racing heartbeat and anxiety. If this happens take a deep breath and go to a dark room. The panic attack will go away 

It is fair to state that both have good and bad sides. However, a personalized treatment plan is crucial to ensure the right medicine dosage is used to great results.