Awesome Things You Can Learn before Buying Weed Online in Canada

In Canada, it is allowed to buy weed online. They have websites regulated by law to sell cannabis in each province. This ensures that the buyer is safe and also there is a good distribution of weed in each region. Therefore, buying weed online in Canada is very easy; you need a few minutes to order and get your weed.

Before buying weed online in Canada, there are certain things you have to consider as a consumer. 

You can only buy from any licensed retailer or producer. Mostly they are government-licensed stores and in each province has got one online store where you can buy. Therefore, there is no confusion on where you can buy weed online in Canada. Although, there are certain provinces with privately operated online stores.

You can only buy weed online in your province.

You cannot buy weed from another province apart from where you live. For example, you live in Alberta and buy from Ontario online store. Therefore, you cannot order weed online from Ontario online store. It would help if you were to buy in your licensed store in your province. It is because other stores cannot ship your product to other regions.

Age restriction 

Buying weed online in Canada has got some restrictions. Most online stores have set the number of years one can buy as they mostly prefer 19 years in age. Also, one is not allowed to buy more than 30 grams. This law applies to the whole country.

The provinces have got their Legislation Regarding  Recreation Cannabis.

Each province has control of recreational cannabis legislation. Meaning they can set their own rules depending on the online sale of weed. It would help if you were careful about learning the laws in your province, even though the regulations and requirements are almost the same in each area.

Identification card when buying weed 

An identification card is one of the requirements when buying weed online in Canada. It is for verifying the age of the buyer. Canada emphasizes controlled sales as you are not allowed to sell to underage persons. Therefore, you are required by law to produce your Identification Card after delivery for your weed. 


Although Shiva Buzz of British Columbia Canada, it does not mean all weed is safe for human consumption. Therefore, you should be aware of the side effects even if you have reached the age of using it.